VADITIME is a cloud based project management tool for companies in the building and furniture fitting industry.
The solution gives you the tools you need to digitize your business for increased efficiency, quality and control.

Our services


Easy way to record working time with “Vaditime Mobile App”. You get a good overview and control of the digital timelines.
  • Registration of working hours on mobile, tablet or PC, directly from the workplace.
  • Overview of real-time working hours for office employees.

Resource planning

Vaditime's Resource Scheduler can help to organize working hours for your employees.
  • Get a full overview of your employee's planned time consumption.
  • See overworked and available employees.
  • Employees and projects are linked together to provide predictability in planning.

Projects and checklists

Vaditime helps you to get control of your projects with our checklists.
  • Get an overview of project status with detailed information.
  • Get status reports during processes.
  • Get an overview of discrepancies and services with photos.
  • The lists are linked to projects that provide good status control in the follow-up.
  • Quality link to have a document for quick action and history.

Photos and documents

Vaditime helps to manage photos and documents at the workplace and makes it easy to upload the files you need.
  • Access drawings, photos and documented information quickly and easily.
  • Documents can be shared between external actors (customers, suppliers, retailers, etc.) and employees with a click.

Mobile Apps

Our service to you: free tools that make workday easier. Here you can see an overview and manage most of your projects and daily operations - wherever you are.
  • App for self-control and deviation handling makes it very easy for anyone to document their daily tasks while they are on the move.
  • The job done and deviations can be registered with documented photos.
  • Each employee can use the App to record hours, overtime and flexibility. Save time on managing employee working hours.
  • App registrations are linked to projects that provide good status control in the follow-up and the ability to extract comprehensive reports.

Approval of hours and budget

Vaditime's approval of hours and budget is a good tool to gain a better understanding of the hourly use and the hourly basis for the project budget.
  • See who actually recorded hours
  • Approve hours of staff daily no matter where you are
  • Get an overview of the time spent during processes
  • Get an overview of the extra hours spent with documentation

Equipment Control

Get an overview of tools with Vaditime's Equipment Control. You get control over where tools are located, while saving you time and money.
  • Register work tools in the system.
  • Save time searching for tools/equipment.
  • Easy access to history.

Trip Log

Get control of driving with the company car.
  • Our system works just as well on mobile as on PCs and tablets, so you are always guaranteed a complete overview, whether you are in the office, on the road or at the construction site.
  • Our reports give you better insight into how the car fleet is used and clarify where changes may need to be made to increase efficiency.